Saturday, 10 May 2014

Woolwich Library: Laureen Worrell's Book Signing Reveals An Ongoing Journey Of A jaSISTAR

by Benson Agoha

On Amazon, 'The Journey of I & I' is described as "a raw yet powerful account of a tragic and horrendous childhood endured by Liz, an ordinary child growing up in extraordinary circumstances," in which "Readers are taken on a journey of unfathomable lows and motivating highs as they find themselves turning the pages wanting to simultaneously help the main character, Liz, wanting to rescue her, embrace her, cry and laugh with her."

Amazon says the book "is primarily a tale of survival and determination as the Author invites readers to accompany Liz on her life's journey."

At the book signing which took place inside the Woolwich Library on Friday, fear, shock, disbelief and shame - all the results of domestic violence and abuse in their ramifications was what the "The Journey of I&I is about.

* At $19.62 (about £15), the Jouney of I & I has already made Amazon's bestseller list and won the new author admirable comments and recommendations.

Inspired by personal experience, the author writes about a raging hurt that refuses to go away and, later, admits that her healing process has begun. 

She talks about the touchy issue of domestic abuses as it impacts on and rips the individual and family apart, leaving chaos, emotional trauma in its wake, just as it destroys hope, trust and destiny. The author talks about the feeling of betrayal and the healing process which hardly comes easy for some.

One thing was for sure - Maureen Worrell is a very emotional person, but so is the subject under discussion. Combine the two and you begin to imagine what fire you just might have ignited.

Unsurprisingly, the author - already on Amazon's best seller list - has received encouraging comments and recommendations. She is already being nominated for "Positive Impact Author" and "Outstanding Teacher".

Supported by family and flanked by her promoter, Angela Rahman of Nubia Magazine, the Maureen Worrell came prepared, and when she read from the book, she said her experience as victim of domestic violence was a 'life and death situation', and 50 years after, she was still working on her healing process. So as you can infer, the book is a true account of the author's experience.
Her promoter, angela Rahman, herself a victim of domestic violence said it was a subject over which 'we are being real'.
According to Rahman, domestic violence is not just about physical abuse, but includes as well various forms of abnormal behaviour in the home that induce emotional, mental and psychological degradation of others.

She says for instance that creating artificial silence in home so that people walk around as if stepping on egg-shells is evident of typical home fraught with domestic violence and abuse.

But what is the way out for victims and how can they achieve healing from the trauma and be able to potentially move on from their hurt? The author says she recommends self-education on the various forms of domestic abuse and then to speak-out to someone else.

"There is always someone willing to listen to you and possibly help you," she says. So silence is not an option.

And will there be a sequel to the book? The author says yes, but first 'READ THIS BOOK'.

The book is 430 pages and weighs only about 1.5 pounds, but for further details of the author's discussions and recommendations on dealing with abuses in the home, Amazon says "LOOK INSIDE."
"The Journey of I & I" by Maureen Worrell is available on Amazon for $19.62 or through the promoter, Angela Rahman of Nubia Magazine

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* Photo Credit: MW/AR/NubiaMagazine.

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