Monday, 22 February 2016

We Visit Deptford Creek Swing Bridge, One Year After Commissioning

by Benson Agoha | Greenwich

The Deptford Creek Swing Bridge links Greenwich And Deptford parts of London and enables residents to cross the Deptford Creek, without having to make a 180 degree journey through the main link road.

It was commissioned on the 20th of January 2015 by the Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Cllr Denyse Hyland and other senior Council officials including, rising Labour MP Matthew Pennycook.
One year on, Woolwich Online decided to find out how the bridge has served the locals. And so we arrived there at about mid-day and took our time enjoy the view.

The swing bridge across Deptford Creek, connects the Millennium Quay estate (Deptford side) and the New Capital Quay estate (Greenwich side).

I ask a resident how she has enjoyed the bridge since it was opened. Here is what she says:

From one side to the other, the Swing Bridge provided spectacular view of the scenery. Walk along it to the centre and you enjoy unrestricted view of high rise finance houses of Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs.

Turn 180 degrees and you enjoy the Deptford Creek and the news structures rising across the road. But there was no boat on the Creek when we called - not even one. So we asked a resident of Deptford who uses the Bridge regularly (first Video).
* Royal Greenwich Leader, Cllr Denise Hyland, accompanied by other senior
council figures, including MP Matthew Pennycook pose for photos after the
official opening on Jaunary 20, 2015.
For tourists who have witnessed the Tower Bridge rising vertically to let tall ships sail through, the Depford Creek Swing Bridge was designed to move sideways to let tall boats sail into the Creek, rather vertically. And the residents get to enjoy this from time to time, Agneska told me.

Even remarkably, one year on, there has been no adverse incidence over which the residents could find fault. So, they are all happy.

The bridge has to be closed twice daily at short intervals when the tide from River Thames rises, and appropriate notice have been provided to explain to users. During such closures, locals can either wait for it to open or travel the slightly longer distance route that leads unto to major road nearby.

Enjoying the scenery from the bridge:


Built by Galliard Homes, the bridge was carefully designed to provide a new promenade setting for local residents, joggers, cyclists and tourists alike.

Going by the countenance on the faces of the residents of both Deptford and Greenwich Thames pathways, the Deptford Bridge Swing Bridge achieved just that.
Long may it work - and there is no reason why it won't.


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