Thursday, 22 August 2013


Welcome to DISCOVERY MISSION, the part dedicated to detailed reports by Woolwich Online..

Discovery Missions are accounts of journeys by Woolwich Online to randomly chosen Places or Peoples to mingle and interact with them and, in the process, study them and their way of life.

Discovery Missions will also attempt to find answers to questions posed by the public who may from time write in for assistance with thier research. So feel free to write in for free assistance. Send in your photos, messages, texts and views.

When you send your email, indicate "Discovery Missions". You will be able to send messages and get replies to and from people within the Royal Borough of Greenwich - letting people know who you are, what you like and who you would like to meet.

You'll have the ability to search for answers to questions that you don't quite understand about people and place.

When you're ready to contact someone you can simply send in an email and their details and we will pass across.

For answers to ambiguous issues, make it Discovery Missions.

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